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Creamy Caesar Pasta

11 Aug

One of my favorite things to do is make up my own recipes.  Many times for dinner I will “throw” together what I think sounds or looks good and I have available in the house.  I love doing it.  I have about a 94% success rate.  I gage my success by several factors:

  • Did my family like it?  (husband & daughter)
  • Did it look and taste good?
  • Did I like it?
  • Did Doug, my husband go back for seconds?  (when he goes back for seconds it is a keeper.)

Tonight I made what I call Creamy Caesar Pasta and I decided to take pics and share the recipe.  I decided I would share the recipe good or bad.  My biggest fear is can I remember what the amounts were of the ingredients.  I am going to list exactly what I used.  Please feel free to make moderations in types or brands of certain items such as pasta. 


  • 1 box 13.25 oz Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Fusilli (Could be cut back to 3/4 box.  Plenty of leftovers.)
  • 1  – 1 1/2 lbs hamburger (Not sure on exact size.  I get my hamburger from Sam’s club in bulk than portion it out.  Saves a lot of money.)
  • 1 16 fl. oz bottle Wishbone Creamy Caesar salad dressing
  • 1/2 to 1 cup milk ( I added the milk to make creamy, use at your discretion)
  • 1 green pepper chopped
  • 1 onion 
  • black pepper  season to taste
  • garlic salt  season to taste

Brown the meat and boil the noodles.  While meat and noodles are cooking start chopping the pepper and onion and set aside.  I like to cook with my slow cooker.  It is a Hamilton Beach digital Stay and Go and I love it.  It is not necessary to prepare this meal in a clow cooker, but I choose to.  Spray sides of slow cooker.  Drain noodles.  Place hamburger and noodles into slow cooker.  Next poor in the Creamy Caesar Dressing and mix together.  Add chopped green pepper and onion and season with pepper and garlic to taste.  If cooking with slow cooker set on low for 1 -2 hours making sure to stir occasionally.  If cooking on the stove keep on low until ready to serve. 

I served this meal with breaded catfish and corn.  The entire meal was delicious.  I was not planning on making the catfish, but my husband wanted it cooked and it sounded delicious.  It turned out wonderful together.  To give you any indication what Doug thought he did go back for seconds and already has his bowl filled up and ready for lunch tomorrow.  That is a thumbs up for me. 

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