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14 Aug

Tonight was an exciting, fun, hot awesome night!  I was lucky enough to enjoy yet another Cardinal victory at Busch Stadium.  The Cardinals beat the Cubs 6-3 at the start of a 3 game series.  The game was starting off right when Albert Pujols hit his amazing home run.  My husband, our daughter Grace, our nephew and me of course enjoyed that amazing hit from the seats in the Redbird Club.  I love sitting up there on hot nights.  It gives you the chance to watch from inside and cool off.  It was the first time Marcus had ever been to a Cardinals baseball game, so that made it even more special.  He loves the Cardinals!!  He kept asking, “Do you think Albert will hit a home run?”  Oh yeah he did! 

There were two other highlights of the evening.  I say you take the good, you take the bad.  Do you want the good news or the bad news first?  Let’s start with the bad and end on a good note.  Two rows ahead of us was a Cubs fan who was extremely drunk.  In the 2nd inning she was walking down the stairs and tripped and almost went over the balcony.  My first thought was why is she even at a game that trashed?  I understand coming to a ballgame and enjoying some beers.  She was completely intoxicated by the 2nd inning.  Totally ridiculous.  She finished up her act by vomiting all over herself in the 7th inning.  She then stumbled up the stairs and was later wheeled out in a wheelchair.  NICE!  Good family fun right there.  Onto the happy, well exciting is a better word.  We were 2 seats away from the guy who caught Molina’s fly ball.  2 seats!!  It was REALLY exciting though.  Pretty cool for the guy who caught it.  Awesome!!

How would I sum this night up?  Pretty awesome!  We had nachos, soda, peanuts, licorice, laughter, cheers, souvenirs and we even had superman!  Best of all we had a WIN!!!  GO CARDS!!

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