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Outspoken by Fergie

2 Jan

I must share with everyone that I  got my Outspoken perfume that I was wanting for Christmas.  It is becoming one of my favorite perfumes!  I am in love with Fergie’s Outspoken fragrance. It is a great scent to wear during the day and into the night.  For me it lasts about 6 or 7 hours.  Very feminine & sexy.  My husband loves it too, which I love!  It’s an excellent date night perfume because it is a bold and seductive scent. This is one you can take a chance on buying if you haven’t smelled it before. 

During Campaign 2 you can pick up OUTSPOKEN by Fergie Eau de Parfum Spray (497-371) 1.7 fl. oz for $28.  Please contact me directly of visit my online store today.  Any questions?  Please call or email me and I will be happy to help you!  🙂  All Direct Deliveries take approximately 4 -7 business days to deliver.  Just fill out your information on my online store under Register.  Choose your address you want your products sent to.  Shop my store and in less than a week you will receive your items.  Very simple and fun!


How Much Could You Be Saving?

20 Oct

Every year we spend thousands on beauty products.  Think about how much you spent last year.  Think about what you bought.  Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Did you like the product?
  • Did you use the entire product?
  • Did the product do what you bought it for?
  • Could you return the product after using it?

Many of use know when we go to the beauty counter or simply buy from your local drug store once you use the product, you can’t return it.  Once that seal is broke and you have used it for a few weeks it is now your property.  How frustrating is it when you spend $20 – $25 on new foundation and the color is too light.  Can you return it to the store?  No you either have to use it or go buy another one.   How about spending $85 on a new fragrance  and find out you don’t like the scent or maybe your husband doesn’t like how it smells.   Could you return that opened bottle?  They would tell you they are sorry, but it is now yours. 

Let’s take some of the stress out of your beauty shopping.  That is one of the amazing attributes when you buy with Avon.  You are not only getting a great product, but you are getting a guarantee.  We guarantee on all out products that if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason you may return the product for either an exchange or you money back.   

Still hesitant?  What do you have to lose?  Learn, ask and try the products.  Visit my online store and read the reviews.  Call or email me with  questions on an item or product you are interested in.  Ready to buy? You can order from my online store and have your items shipped directly to your door. 

See below at how buying from Avon allows you to buy great product with a great value.  Compare to some of the other brands you may be used to buying.  Think of how much money you could be saving plus you will be actually using the product and not wasting it. 

avon comparison_chart

Avon’s Quick Picks = Savings & Convenience

30 Aug

When is the last time you look through an entire Avon brochure.  When you read magazines do you tend to browse through or do you read cover to cover?  Do you start from the beginning or flip from the last page to the first? 

I do a little of everything.  For me it depends on how interested I am in the magazine or catalog.  I believe to get everything and not miss a deal, you need to read Avon’s brochures cover to cover, front to back. 

In the current issue (C-19), Avon has a section called “quick picks.”  These are small, simple inexpensive items which most of us use or someone in our family uses.  Several of them are conveniently sized for travel, work or fit perfectly into a woman’s purse. 

All the products below are on pages 154 – 159 on the C-19 brochure.  Please click on the brochure on the right hand side to preview them better.  You may also click here and shop online anytime at your convenience.  Shipping is free on purchases of $5 or more when you use coupon code SUMMERFS and will be delivered directly to the address you choose. 

FREE Avon Products

16 Aug

Register on my Avon website to host an eParty & you’ll earn FREE Avon products of your choice!

It’s FREE, it’s simple, & there’s no mess to clean up!

  • Do you have a lot of friends, family or even business contacts?
  • Have you been watching my Avon post and saying, “Oh, I want that!”
  • Do you love getting a discount?
    If all 3 of these sound like you than YOU would be a perfect HOST for my next eparty!!
    All you have to do is registered as a customer on my site and I will handle the rest. If you are already a customer, then you are ready! Then we will agree upon the eparty time and length. You will then simply send a link to all your friends and family inviting them to my online site. You can do this through email and even Facebook. All you will need is the eparty code that I will give you and you can shop online during your eparty and the best part, you get the credit!!
    There is no purchase required from the host, but what better way to get a great discount and invite your friends to Avon?!?!?

Q: What is an eParty?
A: It’s an online party found on my Personal Web Pages complete with special party themes, product reviews, personalized online invitations, live chat and eventually, a virtual makeover. By enlisting as the “host”, you’ll have an opportunity to invite your network of contacts to attend your personalized AVON eParty on a Personal Web Page! With the use of a special code, all orders will be tracked so that I as your Avon Representative can reward you, the Host with FREE Avon products of your choice. Best of all? No clean up!

For example – Based on the Earnings Chart below if you had Sales associated with your eParty of $500 you would receive $125 in FREE Avon of your choice.

Earnings Table:

Party Total      Your Earnings:
$100-$149            10% in FREE product
$150-$299           15% in FREE product
$300-$499            20% in FREE product
$500 & up            25% in FREE product

Don’t wait! Contact me today to register your eParty! Go to My Online Avon Store or email me at

Clearance Bubble Bath ~ $3.99

13 Aug

I featured this wonderful product in my “Online Outlet” tab.  I ordered 1 bottle myself last week.  As of today there are still some available.  This is an excellent price!  The lowest I have seen the 24 oz. bottles is $4.99.  These are on clearance for $3.99.  Just the Sweet Honeysuckle & Lily Bubble Bath (097-584)

All other bubble bath – 24 fl. oz.      SPECIAL – SAVE 37%!

Reg. $8.00   Sale $4.99

America’s #1 Bubble Bath.* Leaves skin softly scented. Wont’ leave a bathtub ring. Dermatologically tested; mild and gentle. 24 fl. oz.
Click HERE to chose you scent today! 

Campaign 18 is Here!

11 Aug

Campaign 18 is here! It has been here a couple of days, it has just been a little busy around here. My apologies. To start off each Campaign I like to go through the book and share what I feel the best deals are. This time is much harder than normal. Don’t get me wrong, The brochures are always packed with deals and savings. This time I just keep finding more and more and more! Yay, more fun for me and more fun for you!      

Introducing Rare Diamonds  the NEW fragrance from Avon      

Rich, Romantic and Positively Brilliant  1.7. fl. oz. (686-560) $23.00   **Receive a Silvertone Tennis Bracelet with Rhinestone Accents 7 1/2″ L (pictured) FREE with purchase of Rare Diamonds Eau de Parfum Spray.  $15 value**      

 The next is a favorite for two reasons.  First for the awesome deal it is and second being I love Glimmersticks!  Avon is true to their word on Glimmersticks.  They go on smooth, look great and DO last all day and night if needed.  I use cosmic brown(400-257), perfect plum(400-223) and emerald(400-295)  I have had  them about for 3 months and still have  half remaining.  Don’t forget the line of Mascara is part of this amazing deal too!       

  • Super Extend Mascara 
  • Supershock Mascara                                              ANY 2 FOR $7.99
  • Super Curlacious Mascara                                    MIX or MATCH
  • Spectra Lash Mascara                                           SAVE UP TO $11.00
 Fall Fashion Preview with Jeannie Mai


“Looking Polished- Cobochons are back and hotter than ever!  Unleash your inner damsel with a collection of jeweltone greens and brilliant blues”     

  • NEW Cabochon Stretch bracelet Faux-stone beads on stretch Bracelet.  One size fits most.  will $19.99 $16.99 Buy Now and Save
  • NEW Cabochon Cuff Watch Burnished brass with faux stones and rhinestones.  One size fits most.  will be $34.99 $19.. Buy Now and Save
  • NEW Cabochon Pendant Earring Gift Set- Burnished brass with faux-stone beads on 17″ wire necklace with 3″ extender.  Faux-stone stud earrings.  Pierced.  will be $19.99 $9.99 The Set Buy Now and Save $10


Your Best-Looking Skin Starts Now     

  • Anew 30+ Rejuvenate – Early Signs of Aging 

Day Revitalizing Cream SPF 25  .5 fl. oz. (304-409) Price: $12.00     

Night Revitalizing Cream  .5 fl. oz. (305-796) Price: $12.00     

Price:  only $7.99 each     

  •   ANEW 40 + Reversalist Moderate Signs of Aging

Day Renewal Cream SPF 25 .5 fl. oz. (319-000) Price: $12.00     

Night Renewal Cream .5 fl. oz. (462-765) Price: $12.00     

Price: only $7.99 each       

  • ANEW 50+ Ultimate Advanced Signs of Aging

Age Repair Day Cream SPF 25 .5 fl. oz. (575-740) Price:$12.00     

Age Repair Night Cream .5 fl. oz. (119-018) Price:$12.00     

Price: only $7.99 each     

ANEW Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel    

  • Winner of the prestigious ALLURE MAGAZINE Best Of Beauty Award 2008/Chosen from 15,000 entries
  • Peels away dullness & age damage in one easy step
  • 30 unscented pads
  • (381-134)  Price: 25.00

  Yesterday I told you how much I love Avon’s Skin So Soft Luminous Pearl.  I also mentioned I wanted to buy the complete set.  Could I ask for a better deal?  Avon is offering a 4 pc. set (248-212) of the Luminous Pearl for $12.99.  That is a savings of $16.50!  In the Luminous Pearl set you get:   

  • Body Wash  8.4 fl. oz.
  • Body Scrub  8.4 fl. oz.
  • Body Lotion  8.4 fl. oz
  • Gelled Body Oil  6.7 fl. oz

The other 2 sets available at this amazing price are Glamorous Gold (996-687) and Signature Silk(995-953.)    

If I am already your Avon Representative and you are interested in sampling the Luminous Pearl.  Please call or email me.  If you live in the St. Charles area and you are interested in having me become your personal Avon Representative, please do the same.  Call or email me.  We can set up a time to meet or a time for me to simply drop off a brochure.    314-495-2699 or  or click HERE to shop directly online for fast, convenient direct to your door shipping.    




























Like Heaven on my Hands

10 Aug

As many of you already know, Tuesdays is when my Avon orders come.  Yeah!  Today I got a nice little surprise of a sample of Skin So Soft mineral gems luminous pearl. 

WOW!  was my first reaction when I tried some on my hands!  I will be honest.  I have not tried any of the Skin So Soft mineral gem products.  I was truly impressed once again with Avon.  My first thought was that I wanted to order the entire product line.  : ) 

Simply reasons why You should try it for yourself.  What do you have to loose?  You have all this to gain……

  1. Soaks instantly into your skin.  Almost like it was made with my body in mind.
  2. The scent was beautiful!  I put some on early in the morning.  After 6 hours of 102 degree weather and 10 car stops in the heat my skin still smell beautiful and feels smooth and soft!
  3. After rubbing SSS luminous pearl lotion on my arms and legs it did not leave me itching as many other lotions tend to do. 

SKIN SO SOFT Mineral Gems Luminous Pearl Body Lotion

(498-545)    SAVE 50%!

Reg. $8.00

Sale $3.99
Click HERE to order yours today.  Tell me what you think and if you call it your new favorite! 
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