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My NEW Favorite Shower Gel

31 Dec
NATURALS Vanilla Shower Gel
210-626  SPECIAL – SAVE 50%!

Reg. $6.00

Sale $2.99
Moisturize your skin while cleansing your entire body. Less drying than soap, and infused with natural extracts, it’s a soothing way to cleanse and hydrate skin. 5 fl. oz.
I recently bought my daughter, who is 7 and myself some of the 5 oz. Natural Shower Gels from Avon.  I love the Vanilla.  It smelled wonderful, plus my skin felt soft and smooth.  I like a shower gel that has a good lather.  This one has bubbles and more!  I love it for my shower and my daughter loves it for her bath.  You can’t complain when a product works great for both a 36-year-old and a 7-year-old!  🙂
Right now select 5oz. Naturals Shower Gels are $2.99 plus Buy 1 Try 1 for $0.99!  That’s 2 for under $4!! 
  • Strawberry & Guava  296-240
  • Vanilla  210-626
  • Cucumber Melon  207-312
  • Pomegranate & Mango  201-520
  • Bana & Coconut  126-370
  • Cherry Blossom  288-742
  • Violet & Lychee  365-728  NEW

Also, this Canvas bag ($10 value) can be yours for only $3.99 with select NAtural Bath & Body purchase!  Please visit my online store to find out more about these and other great deals going on now during Campaign 2!  Remember, you can always call or email me with questions.  If you are in the St. Louis area I can bring you a book in person.  🙂 



12 Dec

Avon has done it again!  A fantastic deal on America’s #1 Bubble Bath.  Starting now, in Campaign 1 you can get the following scents for $3.99.  That’s a savings of 50%!! 

  • Winter Rose  193-109
  • Sensitive Skin  064-476
  • Hot Apple Pie  064-416
  • Refreshing Pineapple  064-550
  • Vanilla Frosting  Sweet Sugar Cookie  064-310

Now is the perfect time to buy yours today as gifts for Christmas or to keep a few for yourself.  Visit my online store or contact me directly if you live in the St. Louis area.

Fantastic Favorites For Stocking Stuffers

10 Nov

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  Believe it or not but there are only XX days until Christmas.  Can you believe it?!?  I was just as shocked as you are!  Well, there is just one thing to do.  Get that shopping started.  What better way then with some fun, favorites from Avon for stocking stuffers? 

We have both Snowman and Ornament Bubble Bath  to Holiday and Candy Cane Shower Gel.  We have Avon’s amazing Lip Balms and Body Paints as well as all the Mini’s your stocking can handle. 

Visit my online store today and get yourself all your Christmas goodies!  For First time customers, use coupon code REPFLYER for FREE Direct Delivery.  For my current customers, use coupon code SUMMERFS for FREE Direct Delivery shipping. 

Also, remember when you spend $50 or more you will receive a FREE Spa-Tacular gift!!

FREE Spa-Tactular Gift Sets

3 Nov

Time to pamper yourself or a friend with these Pampering Treats from Avon.  The holidays are a perfect time for relaxing and gift giving.  If you haven’t tried Avon Foot Works OR Avon Naturals, now is the perfect time.  When you spend $50 or more either on my online store OR directly through me you will receive one of the following gift sets for FREE.

  • Foot Works Vanilla & Brown Sugar Gift Set 4-Piece holiday Collection (104-980) A $20 value
  • Naturals Gift Set 5-piece Cucumber Melon Gift Set (642-331) A $37 value
  • Naturals Gift Set 5-piece Strawberry & Guava Gift Set (527-709) A $37 value

What Do You Use Your Bubble Bath For?

18 Oct

Avon Bubble Bath.

1. An excellent streak free cleaner.

2. Cuts grease,leaves a shine you won’t believe and so gentle on hands. It has no detergent so it leaves no residue or film,so no rinsing is required.

3. Use to clean chandeliers or other light fixtures.

4. Wash your plants with it. They just shine and feed the water to the plants for fertilizer, it’s great.

5. Wash all floors with it,especially the no -wax kind.This works great. It cuts grease,not harsh to the finish,leaves no dulling residue. Your floor will shine.

6. Any spills or spots on upholstery or rugs,car seats etc, just take straight bubble bath on damp cloth and rub the spot.It removes just about any stain and will not leave a trace where the spot was. Don’t wet the spot with water, the water leaves the mark. Use as a shampoo for rugs,they will have a nice smell.

7. Clean jewellery both costume and real.

8.Excellent pet shampoo for pets. Your pet will smell so nice.There is no soap to irritate their skin.Just rinse after washing. Your pets hair will be soft and shiny.

8. One or two capfulls does a whole load of washing. Great for colours that you don’t want to fade. Does a super job on dirty work jeans,works great for sweaters and delicate lingerie.

9. Wash your car with it. It leaves no streaks. Use inside and out.

10. Wash your delicate drapes with it. Leaves them clean and freshly scented.

11.Use bubble bath in water to clean your venetian blinds,they will shine.

12. Wash walls and ceilings,no rinsing,so no streaks. Also great for wood paneling, it will look like it’s been waxed.

13. Try bubble bath in potpourri burner,the house will smell nice.

14. Wash your cupboards with this,oak or painted. One capfull in a pail of water and they will come clean and have a nice shine.

15.All your appliances in your kitchen,stove,fridge,toaster,kettle etc.

16. Windows,mirrors,fine glass items and treasured ornaments will sparkle.

17. Clean your reading glasses with it.

18. Ever splattered grease on a good blouse while frying bacon etc,then washed the blouse to find the grease spot still there. Next time put straight bubble bath on the spot,let sit for a few minutes and then wash.The spot will be gone.

Best of all it’s a great bubble bath…Lot’s of bubbles….. and there’s no ring on the bath tub.

Need I say more??  Ask anyone who has used it and they will agree.  It is America’s #1 Bubble Bath!  During Campaign 23 pick up 2, 4 or even 6!  The 24 oz. bottles are B1G1.  That is 2 for $6.99, less than $3.50 a bottle!!

Visit my online store or call me (314-495-2699)  and order yours today!!  All order made online can be shipped directly to your home!  Use coupon code REPFLYER and receive FREE shipping!! 

**Remember Avon promises 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not happy with the product.  Return it for a different product OR your money back!**

Mosquitoes, Spiders and Insect Bites NO MORE!!

30 Sep

Avon has an AWESOME anti-itch spray on clearance.  I call it AWESOME because that is what it is!!  I bought this exact anti-itch spray you see pictured 1 week ago.  My daughter came to me complaining of some sort of insect bite.  It was big and red from her continuously itching it.  It was bigger than a half dollar.  She was complaining how it hurt and was itching so bad.  It looked like either a mosquito or a spider bite.  I put 1 spray of Avon’s Moisture Therapy Oatmeal Anti-Itch Spray Lotion.  She then went to bed.

When she woke up the redness was completely gone and so was the bite.  I honestly was shocked.  My daughter gets mosquito bites a lot and seems to be some what allergic to them.  It usually takes 3 and sometimes 4 days for her bites to clear up.  For this to clear up like it did was AWESOME!!

I would recommend this to everyone who has children, grandchildren or simply spends time outside.  It works great for mosquito, spider and insect bites.  Very much worth the $1.99

To order yours visit my online store.  This item must be ordered by “Quick Item Entry”  This is very simple and easy and if you need assistance please don’t hesitate to call or email me. 

Once you get to my online store simply look on the right ride and click on “Quick Item Entry”  When you see where you can change the Campaign #, change it FROM 21 TO 20.  Then simply put in the 6-digit Product Number (134958) Click the Quantity you want and then hit “Add to Bag”  From here you can continue to shop for other items or finish and check out. 

Please remember to use Coupon Code SUMMERFS for FREE Direct Delivery Shipping on ALL orders $5 or MORE!!

Bath & Body Event Savings Up To 60%

26 Sep

During Campaign 21-22 ’10 Avon is offering some amazing bath & body deals!  Look for the catalog above and find some great deals for you or a friend!!  Let me highlight some of MY favorite. 

Buy this 5-piece set you will get a savings of $26.00!!  Unbeatable!!  I have used Avon’s Naturals line in both the lotions and shower gel.  It leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized all day. 

With this fun, cool new scent kids will love bath time.  Please notice this is the large 24fl.oz. size for only $4.99 and will be priced $8.00 after this special price ends.  (899-138)

In campaign 20 I decided to pamper myself with a few Avon products.  One of them was the Moisture Therapy Oatmeal (889-551)  In just the 3 – 4 days I have had it I absolutely love it!!  My skin tends to be very dry and itchy.  This helped sooth my skin and calm the itching on my legs and arms. 

Right now you can get the MEGA sizes at BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!  Mix or match all bonus sizes.  What an awesome deal!!  That is (2) 33.8 fl.oz Body Lotion easy-to-use pump dispenser for the price of one. 

Do you or someone in your family travel?  Mix or match Avon’s mini’s

  • 1 for $0.99
  • 2 for $2.75
  • 3 for $3.75 (that’s $0.75 a piece!)

Shop now on my online store or if you live in the St. Louis area contact me phone or email to place your order.

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