HOW to Shop AVON

1.  Know your Avon Representative’s contact information!  If I have brought you a book, please remember all my contact information is located on the back cover.

                                                            2.  Shop online with your Representative!  My Personal Online Avon Store I will show you just how easy it is to order-24 hours a day, 7 days a week-while still enjoying free delivery & the unmatched Avon tradition of personal service.

                                                            3.  Our promise  If you’re not happy with any purchase, just return it for an exchange or your money back.  100% satisfaction guaranteed.  No questions.  No fuss.  No problem. 


Ordering from my web store is really quite easy as long as you live in the US and have a credit/debit card or a paypal account.  When you get to the main page my link takes you to  HERE  you are given 3 choices on the right side of the page. Shop My Store, Shop My eBrochure, or Quick Item Entry.

If you want to look through the store to just find what we have pick the first, but if you want to see all the specials for this campaign then choose the brochure. If you have a brochure or just know your item number then you can use the line item entry.

After you put something in your shopping cart you will see a coupon code there. It will by default have the free shipping offer that is on the front page. But when I give you a code for a better offer just replace the code there with mine.

You then check out like at any other online store. But please note you must ALWAYS choose DIRECT DELIVERY unless you live close enough for me to bring it to you. Registering with me is recommended so I can contact you with any problems. You can opt in or out of receiving email alerts to specials.

Any questions can be sent to me through the contact me link right by my picture at the top. I will call anyone anywhere in the US when asked to as soon as I can to help you in any way I can.


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