Have You Seen All the Savings With GeoQpons??

22 Dec

I recently discovered a fun, easy and quick way of saving money.  The application is called GeoQpons and it is available for the iphone, Android and Blackberry.  It gives you unlimited access to savings from local business and national brand retailers. 

  •  Largest Database of relevant mobile coupons
  •  Simple and Easy to use.
  •  Fast search for coupons or stores
  •  Set Favorites to redeem and view offers from your preferred stores
  •  Share coupons with your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter

 I have the GeoQpons application on my iphone and I love it!  Just this past week I went shopping at an outlet mall in Iowa.  Both my mom and I used the coupons and saved almost $100.00.  My brother also did some shopping and saved $10 on one of his purchases.  It doesn’t sound like a lot, but to me every little bit helps. 

The great thing that I really like is you don’t have to mess with printing all these coupons and wasting ink.  So many times when I would make a shopping trip I would print several coupons and there would be times coupons would be wasted.   I don’t like to waste paper, ink or money. 

I would definitely recommend getting this on your phone if possible.  It is fun, easy and a great way to save money without having to print, use and waste paper!  🙂


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