Santa’s Surprise!

20 Dec

Santa’s Surprise!

This world is excited with Santa!

We’re told that he loves girls and boys.

And each year he pays them a visit,

Loaded with candies and toys.


Busy elves are his helpers,

Working with Santa every day.

And on the night before Christmas,

Rudolf guides Santa’s sleigh.


But I am excited with Jesus!

I found that he’s just not a tale.

Angels, not elves do his bidding.

He meets all my needs without fail.


He doesn’t just come in December,

He lives in my heart everyday.

He gave me His Name and His power.

I use it whenever I pray.


Everyday’s Christmas with Jesus.

Each day is filled with surprise.

He is both the gift and the giver.

Whatever we lack, He supplies.


This weekend my mom, my daughter and I spent the week back in Iowa where my mother and I grew up.  We had a fun, busy rewarding time.  I enjoyed seeing the smiles and joy from many of my friends and family.  Some I see often and a few I have not seen in years.  It reminds me how important both family and friendships are.  How easy it is to forget to call, email or even text.  I already know my New Year’s Resolution for 2011.  I have already started working on it.  It is to do better with staying in contact with my friends and family.  The smiles I saw this week meant a lot to me and I know my smiles meant a lot to them.  🙂

The Santa Surprise I shared with you was given to me by my mother.  At first I thought it was a cute little Santa poem, but the meaning behind it is so true and very awesome. 

Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this and remember all your friends and family this Christmas and everyday! 



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