Gadget Gifts for the man in your life

24 Nov

It seems like every year I ask the same question, what should I get for Doug?  I know he has told me several things.  My mind either wonders, or completely shuts down when he starts to list the numerous items on his list.  This year has been the opposite.  There has not been a list.  There hasn’t been all the suggestions.  So I need a little help!!

Are you in the same boat I am?  What do I get my special guy?  It could be your husband or boyfriend.  Even your brother, son or father.  Avon has some great ideas with the help of The Sharper Image.  5 Gadgets that any guy in your life is sure to love!!

  • The Sharper Image Pocket Knife  434-020  $9.99
  • The Sharper Image Wine Bottle Opener  280-058  $19.99
  • The Sharper Image Travel Groomer  160-734  $19.99
  • The Sharper Image Travel Alarm Clock  161-104  $12.99
  • The Sharper Image Multi Tool  161-090  $14.99

You can get in on all these great buys by visiting my online store.  If you order online today (11-24-10) you can take advantage of a great promotion.  At checkout use coupon code DIAMONDS and you will receive a FREE Sivertone Tennis Bracelet PLUS you will get FREE shipping when you choose directly delivery* and spend $10 or more. 

*With direct delivery, you items will ship directly to your door.


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