Tiny Prints: Unlimited FREE Thanksgiving Cards!!

18 Nov


Here is a pretty AWESOME deal!  It is great for me because I am terrible about getting cards at the store.  Just yesterday I went to buy thank you notes.  I came home with a bag of everything but thank you notes.  UGGG!  I do not normally send Thanksgiving cards, but when they are FREE and you can add a personalized picture I thought, why not?  Wait, it gets even better, as of right now, there is no limit to how many you can get.  I just ordered and got 30 FREE cards!  They all will be mailed directly to my house at no charge.  If you decide to mail them directly to the recipient then you are charged the $0.44 for each stamp per card. 

So, here is the deal…

* Simple choose one (or more) of 33 adorable Thanksgiving cards here, personalize it and then head to checkout.
* Enter the code FREETHX
* You can have the card sent directly to you at no charge or you can opt to have Tiny Prints mail the card directly to the recipient for $0.44 (just the cost of a stamp)!


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