Conair® Hair Dryer Buy 1 Get 1 For $0.99

4 Nov
My daughter has recently started to dry her own hair.  How wonderful is it when you child reaches the age when they can shower, dress and dry their own hair?  It certainly makes getting ready in the morning easier.  I must admit, I do miss helping her, but I try to let her do it on her own as much as I can.  She loves to dry her own hair.  The problem is my dryer is bigger and really not fit for her.  She needs her own.  Another problem is my hair dryer is starting to make that funny noise.  You know the one, right before it is going to die on you. 
One thing I always dread buying is a hair dryer.  Why?  Well, because they NEVER have the one I have grown to love and have had for a few years and they seem to get more and more expensive.  I refuse (well, try my hardest) not to spend more than $20 when buying a new hair dryer.  That means I must find a good sale if I want a quality hair dryer that will last me awhile. 
I think I am in luck!!  Avon is offering a pretty cool deal that will work well with me and I hope a lot of you.  In the c-22 24 brochure Beauty’s Best For Less you can mix and max anything in the brochure with the deal of Buy One Get One For $0.99!  As it turns out on page 22 there are 2 hair dryers available.  I have my eye one the purple one.  I think my daughter would love this one.  She loves purple and it looks a good size for her.  It has all the features I would need and the price is perfect.  I would keep one and gift one for Grace for Christmas.  2 wonderful hair dryers for under $31!  That is under my $20 budget I would like to stay within.  I invite you to visit my online store and get yours today! 

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