Have You tried Smooth Minerals?

3 Nov

Nowadays, with every product having the word “natural”, “organic”, “preservative-free” being the entice-factor to every person’s shopping decision, mineral makeup is the choice for the health conscious women out there.

I’ve recently purchased some of Avon’s Smooth Minerals makeup.  If you ask me if I still use traditional makeup – I say yes, but it stays less than 24 hours on my face. And I use it sparingly. Mineral makeup will be my ultimate choice for everyday makeup, and even makeup for special occasions. Mineral makeup is the only kind of makeup that my skin feels home to. A lot of women are starting to embrace and make the switch to mineral makeup, for mineral makeup does not clog pores and does not aggravate acne. In other words, mineral makeup is makeup that gives you no headache.

Say hello to Avon Smooth Minerals, Avon’s answer to the needs of women today, with its version of mineral makeup. 

Avon is offering a Smooth Minerals starter kit for $25 each.  This 6-piece collection of mineral essentials for face and checks includes:

  • 2 Foundations – A customized blend for your perfect shade.  Each, .20 oz. net wt.
  • Transparent Glow – For radiant finish. .20 oz. net wt.
  • Blush .09 oz. net wt.
  • All Over Kabuki Face Brush
  • Instruction Card – How to use Smooth Minerals

Choose from 3 Shades:

  • Light Kit 793-700
  • Medium Kit 793-806
  • Deep Kit 793-810

Please visit my online store to get this amazing kit and be on your way to healthy happier skin.


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