How Much Could You Be Saving?

20 Oct

Every year we spend thousands on beauty products.  Think about how much you spent last year.  Think about what you bought.  Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Did you like the product?
  • Did you use the entire product?
  • Did the product do what you bought it for?
  • Could you return the product after using it?

Many of use know when we go to the beauty counter or simply buy from your local drug store once you use the product, you can’t return it.  Once that seal is broke and you have used it for a few weeks it is now your property.  How frustrating is it when you spend $20 – $25 on new foundation and the color is too light.  Can you return it to the store?  No you either have to use it or go buy another one.   How about spending $85 on a new fragrance  and find out you don’t like the scent or maybe your husband doesn’t like how it smells.   Could you return that opened bottle?  They would tell you they are sorry, but it is now yours. 

Let’s take some of the stress out of your beauty shopping.  That is one of the amazing attributes when you buy with Avon.  You are not only getting a great product, but you are getting a guarantee.  We guarantee on all out products that if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason you may return the product for either an exchange or you money back.   

Still hesitant?  What do you have to lose?  Learn, ask and try the products.  Visit my online store and read the reviews.  Call or email me with  questions on an item or product you are interested in.  Ready to buy? You can order from my online store and have your items shipped directly to your door. 

See below at how buying from Avon allows you to buy great product with a great value.  Compare to some of the other brands you may be used to buying.  Think of how much money you could be saving plus you will be actually using the product and not wasting it. 

avon comparison_chart


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