How many Pounds Will You Gain?

19 Oct

Every year I tend to repeat one bad habbit at Halloween.  Let’s not open the Halloween candy yet!  Yet here I am at noon on a Tuesday and I have already had two  snack size candy pieces.  My husband sure enough has warned me.  HE knows me too well. 

“Don’t open those bags yet!”  We don’t need to snack on that!”

I love it!  I tell him, Oh I won’t eat it, yeah right!  I will give a few for Grace and you can have a couple.  Sure enough I open it and sure enough I am the one snacking on it.  I truly am not what you would call a chocolate lover.  I am more of a salt lover.  Take a bag a Ruffles.  Oh dear, stand back.  When they are opened I personally have issues putting the bag down.  I have to laugh.  There was this time my daughter was at a friends and my husband and I were grilling.  We bought a single bag of Ruffles with ridges.  While waiting for you dinner we collectively polished off almost an entire bag of chips.  It was like we were kids.  Half way through I brought out the dip and we both smiled.  It was glorious!!

I hope I will learn some year not to open those huge jumbo bags of Halloween candy that we all buy.  I will be pleased if I can make into November with a 1 -3 pound gain.  Anything more and I may have to cut back on the real good food.  We all know I don’t want to do that!!

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