What Do You Use Your Bubble Bath For?

18 Oct

Avon Bubble Bath.

1. An excellent streak free cleaner.

2. Cuts grease,leaves a shine you won’t believe and so gentle on hands. It has no detergent so it leaves no residue or film,so no rinsing is required.

3. Use to clean chandeliers or other light fixtures.

4. Wash your plants with it. They just shine and feed the water to the plants for fertilizer, it’s great.

5. Wash all floors with it,especially the no -wax kind.This works great. It cuts grease,not harsh to the finish,leaves no dulling residue. Your floor will shine.

6. Any spills or spots on upholstery or rugs,car seats etc, just take straight bubble bath on damp cloth and rub the spot.It removes just about any stain and will not leave a trace where the spot was. Don’t wet the spot with water, the water leaves the mark. Use as a shampoo for rugs,they will have a nice smell.

7. Clean jewellery both costume and real.

8.Excellent pet shampoo for pets. Your pet will smell so nice.There is no soap to irritate their skin.Just rinse after washing. Your pets hair will be soft and shiny.

8. One or two capfulls does a whole load of washing. Great for colours that you don’t want to fade. Does a super job on dirty work jeans,works great for sweaters and delicate lingerie.

9. Wash your car with it. It leaves no streaks. Use inside and out.

10. Wash your delicate drapes with it. Leaves them clean and freshly scented.

11.Use bubble bath in water to clean your venetian blinds,they will shine.

12. Wash walls and ceilings,no rinsing,so no streaks. Also great for wood paneling, it will look like it’s been waxed.

13. Try bubble bath in potpourri burner,the house will smell nice.

14. Wash your cupboards with this,oak or painted. One capfull in a pail of water and they will come clean and have a nice shine.

15.All your appliances in your kitchen,stove,fridge,toaster,kettle etc.

16. Windows,mirrors,fine glass items and treasured ornaments will sparkle.

17. Clean your reading glasses with it.

18. Ever splattered grease on a good blouse while frying bacon etc,then washed the blouse to find the grease spot still there. Next time put straight bubble bath on the spot,let sit for a few minutes and then wash.The spot will be gone.

Best of all it’s a great bubble bath…Lot’s of bubbles….. and there’s no ring on the bath tub.

Need I say more??  Ask anyone who has used it and they will agree.  It is America’s #1 Bubble Bath!  During Campaign 23 pick up 2, 4 or even 6!  The 24 oz. bottles are B1G1.  That is 2 for $6.99, less than $3.50 a bottle!!

Visit my online store or call me (314-495-2699)  and order yours today!!  All order made online can be shipped directly to your home!  Use coupon code REPFLYER and receive FREE shipping!! 

**Remember Avon promises 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not happy with the product.  Return it for a different product OR your money back!**


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