The day I actually miss my kids.

14 Oct

I am sitting here looking at the calendar noticing that it is day 4 since cycle break has ended and school is back in session.  I am a stay at home mother, for now.  I lost my job almost years ago and everyday I hope and continue to look for that dream job.  Honestly now I will just settle for any job.  🙂 I do sell Avon which makes me happy.  I love seeing the joy it can bring to other women by simply helping them with their beauty needs.  I also find joy in spending time with my daughter.  I find when she is home and on cycle breaks we have a lot of fun together.  Sure, there are the troubles, little problems, but for the most part we have FUN! 

Remember when you would say, “Oh I can’t wait until my kids are in school.”  Now I find myself thinking I can’t wait until she gets home.  I certainly know I am not going crazy and perhaps tomorrow will be different.  But I do know it is an amazing feeling when you truly love, truly enjoy the time you spend with your child.  It is a feeling you can never expect and it a feeling you will never trade.  Not for anything in the world. 

Treasure these times you have with your children.  Enjoy, laugh, love and remember.  Take pictures, share your memories and make new ones.  Let your child share their thoughts as you share thoughts.  Love, teach and show your child love.

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