Rose Splendor Barbie ~ SPECIAL AVON EDITION

4 Oct


Do you or your special little girl collect Barbies?  This is a must have addition to any Barbie collection.  This Barbie has a very unique dress and style of her own.  Barbies have been out longer than I can remember.  Check out this cool site,  Barbie’s 50th Anniversary   This site is pretty cool for both young girls and adults.  It has awesome games for young kids plus cool ways for the Barbie collector to catch up on their needs. 

Every year there is some new and exciting Barbie you or your child MUST have.  Trust me, at 36 I even get excited over some of the cool ones I see.  🙂  This Barbie you will not see on Wal-Marts shelves.  You will not find it at the drug store.  You can only find it through Avon.  The Rose Splendor Barbie is a Special Edition Barbie created exclusively for Avon by Mattel.

She comes with doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity as well as a collectible box.

She will only be out for a limited time and once she is gone you will not be able to get her again. The introductory price will be $39.99. After that she will sell for $49.99.

Get yours in Campaign 22! If you want her you can buy her at my online store.  Get them while they are here! I know lots of little girls who would love this for Christmas.


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