20 Sep

Avon sells many different types of  fragrances.  As with any major beauty sales company, some you just LOVE and others or just ok.  One of the perks of selling Avon is I have tried many of Avon’s different fragrances.  As I have written before, my favorite so far is Imari.  I simply love it!!  It doesn’t matter if others disagree, I love the way Imari smells plus I love how I feel when I wear Imari. 

In Campaign 21 Avon is proud to debut Fergie’s New fragrance and it is exclusively available at Avon.  Outspoken is running a close tie now with Imari.  This NEW fragrance by Fergie will definitely be put on my Christmas list. 

You can pick one, two or three up for you, your friend or even a loved one.  The 4-piece gift collection is only $36.00 and would make a great holiday or  “I love you”  gift.  Order you gift set today here.  Questions?  Contact me anytime.  314-495-2699

While you are smelling beautiful and bold and will want to look the part.  Why not check  out Avon’s NEW BOLD jewelry that sparkle and give you that edge you are looking for…


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