Has TLC gone BAD?!?

20 Sep

Tonight my husband, daughter and myself were watching the channel TLC which is normal for us.  There are several shows my husband and I enjoy as a couple and some we enjoy as a family.  Tonight we were watching Little People Big World, a favorite.  We are sad to see it is LPBW’s last seasons as we enjoy this show immensely. 

As we are sitting through some commercials we are talking and a commercial comes on for a new show called ‘Sister Wives.’  Are you kidding me?!?  TLC is airing a show about Polygamy.  I think this is just ridiculous!  The show is about one man and his three different wives.  They have 13 children among them.  It is about their family trying to be “normal” against a world that is against them and shuns their behavior and beliefs. 

I am sure this will get different reactions, but I feel it is wrong and should not be aired.  I understand families are made up differently.  Some have 1 mom and 1 dad.  Others have just 1 mom or 1 dad.  Yet others have aunts, uncles and even grandparents.  To me it doesn’t matter how a family is formed as long as the family is formed in love. 

What is God’s attitude toward polygamy? God is the one who brought marriage into the world. He made the first man, Adam (Genesis 1:26).   He saw that it was not good for Adam to be alone.  He then made a “wife” for Adam. Notice God did not make “wives” for Adam. If He had wanted Adam to have more than one wife, He would have made him more than one.  One was enough.  God knows best.

     Man in his different cultures has brought many ideas about marriage into the world.  Some of man’s ideas agree with God’s plan. Some of man’s ideas do NOT agree with God’s plan.  This is true with polygamy.  Polygamy is a “man-made” idea.  It is NOT in agreement with God’s plan for marriage.  Anything that does not agree with what God has done or said is sin.  God’s plan is one man and woman (wife) for life  (Genesis 2). 

Here is a clip and an insight to the new show.  Let me know what you think.  You know what my feelings are.  I know I do now want my daughter flipping the channels and coming across this show.  I understand there are worse things, but that leads me to wonder why add more to the horrible things our children see.


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