How Clean Is Too Clean?

16 Sep

As I stand at my sink cleaning my dishes and doing my normal routine of cleaning the counters and sink I am jolted back a moment by my actions. 

Does anyone else clean their sponge holder?!?  I quickly wonder this as I am deeply scrubbing the plastic holder that is suctioned to the side of my sink.  I feel it needs to be cleaned just as anything else.  It builds up dirt and grim and can carry germs too.  Right?  At this point I am not sure if I am looking for validation or still concerned that I am talking to myself.  Then as I am deeply scrubbing  I drop the blue sponge which is only used for dishes and NEVER used to scrub a counter falls into the sink.  Ah, dam!!  I quickly pick it up and oddly enough I feel I am ok since I have just spent 10 minutes cleaning the sink.  As I continue to clean the plastic sponge holder I continue to wonder, How clean is too clean?

Anyone who knows me know that I tend to be a clean freak.  I pride myself, or at least try on keeping a clean and germ free house.  I am appalled at the site of sharing food or a drink with strangers.  However, I am able to with my sweet daughter and loving husband.  Go figure!  I try to install these values on my daughter and at times have the bad habit of pushing them on others. 

Everyday as soon as my daughter gets home the first thing I have her do is wash her hands.  Why?  My thinking is who knows who or what has she touched.  I understand I can’t control everything, but I do try my best to keep her healthy.  She washes her hands before and after every meal as do my husband and I.  I believe this teaches cleanliness and responsibility. 

At times I feel my need for a clean and germ free environment has pushed off on Grace.  For instance, we were swinging and her flip-flop came off.  She quickly said “oh no I better get my shoe.”  I simply laughed and told her it was fine.  Do know how often as I child I ran around barefoot and I turned out fine.  Didn’t I?  I might cringe a little at certain things she does, but I must remember you can mix fun and be safe and be aware of germs too.  🙂 

Now, I will just repeat that last line and things will be alright……


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