Don’t SHOUT at me!

9 Sep

Today started as any normal day.  My body alarm clock went off right at 7am. 

  • 7:05  looked at the clock and thought, really is it morning?
  • 7:10  heard the drawings of a 6-year-old on the famous magna doodle.
  • 7:13  after a few words with that 6-year-old she is up and getting in the shower.
  • 715:  I hear the alarm going off and a sleepy hubby not wanting to get up.

<It is an amazing feeling when your child is to the point where he/she can shower by them self.  Now if I can just get her 20 minute showers brought down to 10 – 15 minutes.>

  • 7:22  I am downstairs preparing lunch and snack.  PB & J is on the menu today. 
  • 7:27  I get myself in the shower and notice husband is leaving for work. 
  • 7:35  Grace is heading downstairs to have breakfast as I am getting out of the shower.
  • 7:40  I am dressed for the day.  Hair is dry and I notice it.  A STAIN!!

<Don’t you just hate it when you take the time to pick out your clothes.  You actually put these clothes on and do your hair and THEN notice there is a stain?!  To top it off it is on one of my favorite shirts.  My initial shirt.  “JS”  I made it my self.>

  • 7:41  I actually ask myself the question, “Will anyone really notice?” 
  • 7:42  I change my shirt to a less favorite t-shirt.
  • 7:45 Grace brushes her teeth and we finishes getting ready for the morning
  • 8:40  Bus comes!!

<I really didn’t think today would be that significant until about 45 minutes ago.

  • 12:45  ate a wonder lunch of veggies covered with cheese and a glass of water.
  • 1:10    cleaned up the kitchen and finished laundry – trying to SHOUT out a certain stain
  • 1:30   noticed shirt #2 had a stain!!
  • 1:31   I yelled, “what the hell!!”
  • 1:33  I sprayed SHOUT, I think I sprayed half the bottle on shirt #2
  • 1:34  I picked out shirt number #3

<Wish Me Luck  My day is not over yet.  😦 >

2 Responses to “Don’t SHOUT at me!”

  1. Posky September 9, 2010 at 4:25 pm #

    There slogan should be “Shout it out and maybe beat your kids” instead of just “Shout it out.”

    That’s boring and not as applicable but I am also making the assumption that your children are intentionally staining your clothes… which could be wrong of me.

    • STLAVONLADY September 9, 2010 at 7:13 pm #

      I think I will leave it at “Shout it out.” lol Sad to say I was the one you made all the spills this time.

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