Shopping By ‘Quick Item Entry’

8 Sep
  Shopping by Item entry on my Online Avon Store in very simple and easy. 
  1. Visit my Online Avon Store.
  2. On the homepage, click on ‘Quick Item Entry’ as pictured above.
  3. This will take you to a form. 
  4. 1st column is Campaign, 2nd is Product Number, 3rd is Quantity and 4th is Product Name.
  5. Choose the Campaign you are ordering from. 
  6. Enter The 6-digit number and the quantity you would like.
  7. Click ‘Add To Bag’ below the grid. 
Here is what my shopping bag looks like after choosing  two items from the C-20 Outlet brochure.  I found them by looking through the brochure and them entered them online through ‘Quick Item Entry’
Remember – You can also go back 2 brochures and order from them as well by using ‘Quick Item Entry’  This is a great way to get deals you missed out on or perhaps forgot about! 
2 items in your bag checkout close
Product Qty Cost
LimeLav Wash 1 $2.99
SSlimelavBdyBt 1 $3.99
Merchandise Subtotal: $6.98
Merchandise Total:$6.98
Code: FS30REP
only 1 coupon per visit
    view bag         check out
**Anytime you add an item to you ‘Shopping Bag’ you can always remove it if you change your mind or decide to go with another product**

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