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7 Sep

Are you aware of Avon’s intimates  line?  We offer bras & panties that fit your life, your needs and your style in brands you know and trust.

  • Bali
  • Barely There
  • Hanes
  • Playtex
  • Just My Size

I have  customers who have ordered and enjoy the convenience and savings they receive.  Simply find your bra and choose the color and size and call or email me your order. 

You can find all the deals Avon is offering in campaign 20.  Click on Avon’s C-20 brochure on the right look through pg’s. 124-157 or check out my online store for the entire line.  Thanks!

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ALL INTIMATES ORDERS ARE REPRESENTATIVE DELIVERY ORDER ONLY.  What does this mean?  You can not order any bras or panties online and have them delivered directly to you.  You can still order them online, but choose the option “Representative Delivery.”  I will then mail your items to you at no extra charge. 

When Is It Time to Replace Your Bra?

It’s ok to have a favorite blouse or t-shirt to wear, but when it comes to what you wear under it, older & comfy is not better. Wearing a stretched out piece of elastic as a bra just doesn’t cut it. Not for long-term comfort or for a fashionable fit.

Here are the four telltale signs that your bra needs replaced:

  1. The Color Has Changed. Your white bra is looking grey and discolored. The nude, black and other colors have faded.
  2. The Fabric Is Stretched Out. The band doesn’t feel tight enough and rides up in the back. No matter how hard you try to adjust them, the straps keep slipping off your shoulders. You’re not getting the support you need.
  3. The Fabric Looks Worn. Threadbare fabric increases your risk of show-through and the underwire might start to poke through, too.
  4. It’s Too Tight or Too Loose. Don’t blame the bra. Your body has changed. For better or worse, it’s time for a new bra.  Make sure you are wearing the correct size.  It is always best to be professionally sized. 

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