Foot Works is FanTastic!

1 Sep

Have you tried Avon’s Foot Works?  Trust me it is like heaven to your feet.  I use both Intensive Callus Cream (651-170) and Cracked Heel Relief Cream (651-165)  I use the Callus Cream most often when I notice my feet feeling rough and dry.  I try to use once a day.  The best time for me is at night. 

It reads on the bottle “Improves the appearance of cracked and callused feet in just two weeks.”  I have noticed a difference in my feet in as little as 2 or 3 days!  After I apply the cream I can instantly feel a difference and plus the smell is wonderful. 

Right now in campaign 19 Avon is offering  on all the Foot Works products pictured below a MIX or MATCH Deal.  BUY 1 GET 1 for $0.99  Save up to $14

Shop My Online Store   Do you live in the St. Louis area?  Contact me today.  314-495-2699 or


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