Avon’s Quick Picks = Savings & Convenience

30 Aug

When is the last time you look through an entire Avon brochure.  When you read magazines do you tend to browse through or do you read cover to cover?  Do you start from the beginning or flip from the last page to the first? 

I do a little of everything.  For me it depends on how interested I am in the magazine or catalog.  I believe to get everything and not miss a deal, you need to read Avon’s brochures cover to cover, front to back. 

In the current issue (C-19), Avon has a section called “quick picks.”  These are small, simple inexpensive items which most of us use or someone in our family uses.  Several of them are conveniently sized for travel, work or fit perfectly into a woman’s purse. 

All the products below are on pages 154 – 159 on the C-19 brochure.  Please click on the brochure on the right hand side to preview them better.  You may also click here and shop online anytime at your convenience.  Shipping is free on purchases of $5 or more when you use coupon code SUMMERFS and will be delivered directly to the address you choose. 

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