Win an Entire Hotel for One Weekend!

29 Aug


Right now, Hampton Inn is running the Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes through September 4, 2010. Every day they are giving away weekend trips to 1 winner and 3 of their friends. And the grand prize winner of this sweepstakes will win an entire hotel for a weekend! That’s 100 rooms for 2 days…can you imagine the fun you could have with that?!

Just think about that for one minute.  An entire hotel filled with whoever you want.  How awesome would that be.  You could swim in the pool with all your friends, family, whoever you wanted!  No strange awkward people who make you unsure of even getting in the pool. 

What would you do?  Who would you invite?  Would you run the hall as if it was your own private home?  I would have a hard time saying I wouldn’t. 

It is super easy to enter the Chain of Friends Sweepstakes – learn more and enter yourself here.

If you won this sweepstakes, where would you and your friends go?

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