Target $2.99 Snuggie?

28 Aug

UPDATE: If you can’t find this coupon, use zip code 90210 and then click on “Apparel”

My daughter will be super excited for Christmas.  She has said she wanted one last year after Christmas.  What a great inexpensive gift!  Rumor has it that Snuggie Varsity Blankets are on sale at Target for $7.99 (look for them on an endcap in the “bath” section). Use the $5/1 coupon found here and you’ll score your very own Snuggie for only $2.99!

**I was only able to print 1 coupon at  Go here I was able to print 2 more for a total of 3!  I hope someone wants Snuggies in my family!!


One Response to “Target $2.99 Snuggie?”

  1. STLAVONLADY August 28, 2010 at 7:20 pm #

    Ok, so I went to my Target today in St. Charles in they did not have the Varsity Snuggies for $7.99 They were $14.99 Let me know if your Target has them and what the price is.

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