Things That Made Me Smile Today : )

25 Aug

1.  Walking out to the bus stop with my daughter and feeling a gush of cool air on my face.

2.  Seeing BFF’s run up to each other with open arms as if it has been days since they had seen each other. 

3.  Talking with good friends about nothing really, but knowing how special these people are.

4.  Hearing all my favorite songs on the radio as I am driving down the highway.

5.  My hair blowing in the sweet cool air and really not caring that it desperately needs to be cut. 

6.  Realizing halfway through the morning that I forgot my purse and being able to laugh about it.

7.  After realizing my purse is gone.  I find myself talking and laughing to myself.  Am I the only one who does this? 

8.  Seeing the price of gas $0.15 lower than it was two days ago.

9.  Seeing a white poodle’s ears flapping in the wind as he enjoys a nice car ride.


This morning was an awesome day.  So many times we complain and tell others the negative things we see, found or feel.  Today I felt like sharing my joys and happiness.  Enjoy!


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