Viewing Room Etiquette

24 Aug

Tuesday is a busy night for us.  My husband works late and my daughter has her karate class right after school.  It was an exciting night because she was trying to earn her red tape on her belt.  This will put her one step closer to earning her yellow belt.  It was also a special night because my parents were going to meet us there and watch Grace for the first time. 

We all quickly took our seats as class was about to begin. As I looked around I noticed several new faces.  Several new parents anxiously awaiting to watch their child perform.  You can see the excitement and joy in many of the parents faces.  I myself was right there with them.  I was watching Grace do her form she had practiced all week.  She wanted to pass so bad.  All I cared about right then was her succeeding.  All I wanting was to hear was the instructor say, “You did it, good job!” 

Did I hear any of this?  Could I even concentrate on what was going on? 

“Oh my word, you would not believe what Charter did!”  she said, ” Oh I totally hate Charter, plus I just don’t understand any of that stuff.”  Really?  I am hearing this junk and loosing concentration on my daughter. 

“So what new show are you watching?  she said, ” I love Dexter and True Blood, you just HAVE to watch True Blood!!” 

I felt just like Homer looks in this picture.  The talking just would not end.  I had two Chatty Kathy’s sitting right next to me.  It’s like They passed out a secret letter to these 2 women and it read:  Please speak as if you don’t give a shit.  Please talk in you loudest voice possible.   Did they not realize it is not social time? 

I literally wanted to put a muzzle over these Chatty Kathy’s.  Does anyone have one?  I am honestly thinking about taking one to the next class.

I understand you have your friend and you want to talk, but inside voices ladies.  Learn to respect others around you.  If the Chatty Kathy’s weren’t enough I had another lady on my left whose baby kept crying.  I understand babies cry.  It is simply their way of telling us they need something or something is wrong.  Perhaps figure out what your child needs would be best and not just let the child scream. 

Then I had 2 or 3 people who had phones calls.  If that would have been me, I would politely excused myself and taken my call outside the room.  Not these people.  They choose to gab it up full throttle and expose all their business for everyone to hear. 

I hope and pray that the Chatty Kathy’s, the baby screamers and the phone talkers will learn “viewing room” etiquette before next class.  One had really nice shoes on and I really don’t want to wrestle those ladies down and force a muzzle on them.


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