My Flip-Flops died today

24 Aug

Isn’t it silly how me get so attached to material things?   A shirt becomes more than just something to keep you warm.  A hat becomes more than just something to block the sun or more than just a fashion statement.  A pair of shoes becomes more than just something on our feet, protecting them from the harsh elements.  Materials things become a part of us.  Many of us have a lucky hat or lucky shoes.  Maybe you have a Favorite shirt with stains on it from college, but you just can’t picture your life without it. 

They become a memory. 

I lost my flip-flops today and as silly as it sounds it made me sad. 

These flip-flops only cost me $1 and I can run down to the store to get a new pair but I want my old ones back.  I wore them everywhere.  They were worn in and fit just the way I liked them.  They were a part of me.  They went on journeys with me everywhere.   These flip-flops even saw Mickey Mouse and the beach. 

I did my part and walked miles for an awesome aunt, woman and friend with these flip-flops, even though many thought it was strange I didn’t have tennis shoes on.  I saw my daughter off to school for both kindergarten and 1st grade with these trusty flip-flops on.  I cheered the Cardinals to many victories and walked many miles and now I must let them go. 

Trust me I am not some crazy lady who holds one to old broken items just for sentimental reasons.  I have my new $1 flip-flops and ready to make new memories!

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