15 Aug

I was totally excited this morning when I noticed I hit 400 hits!  That is awesome!  400 hits in just under 3 weeks.  To me that is pretty good.  Someone out there is reading.  I must be doing something interesting or something right.  I was very indecisive this morning.  Should I celebrate at 400 hits or wait until possible 500?  Obviously I went for 400.  I was way to excited not to. 

Won’t you Celebrate with me?  I would love to hear more of your thoughts and comments.  What you think of my post.  Are they interesting and what keeps you coming back? 

This blog originally was going to be just about Avon.  Then I thought although many of my existing and hopefully new customers would possibly enjoy that, I already have my Online Shopping Site.  Knowing how much I loved using coupons and how many times people have asked me for help or how I save so much money I though incorporating coupons would be a great idea.  I also enjoyed the blog writing and enjoyed writing about myself and my family.  I found myself thinking of things to write even when I wasn’t at the computer. 

My goal is to possible motivate, inspire, reach, help and touch people in whatever way they are looking for.  I am looking to entertain others and also entertain myself.  For me it is a stress relief and I truly enjoy it.  I would also love to gain others trust and in return gain new Avon customers no matter if they are 5 miles away or 500 miles away.  I would love to help other men or women save money.  The tips and savings I put on here are simply the beginning to the money-saving you could have.  I would love to have you visit daily or weekly and also visit my favorite coupon sites.  My way of thinking is, “If you are going to go shopping and spend money anyway, why not save some money with some coupons?”

Thank you for visitng.  Won’t you help me celebrate??


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