American Pie

15 Aug

Today is just one of those days.  It is Sunday and as most days it is a good day.  Doug is out mowing the lawn, Grace is playing with her beads and I am finishing some housework.  I hear my cell phone ring and Grace, who loves to sing spends the next several minutes singing my ring tone, American Pie by Don McLean.  What a classic.  I absolutely love that song! 

I get mixed reactions from others after they hear my ringtone.  Many say, “Oh I love that song!” or  “I haven’t heard that in years, what a great song.”  Some just look at me wondering why.  I remember in 1st or 2nd grade going to the library and checking out the record and playing it over and over and over.  I remember where I would sit and listen to the song.  I also remember demanding everyone be quite so I could hear better.  I remember my older brother would look at me funny and ask me why I always picked the same silly record.  Perhaps not the best song for a 7-year-old, but I enjoyed it and it made me happy.  I would say I had pretty good taste in music as a child. Now Grace who almost 7 loves the song.  When I hear her sing American Pie it makes me smile and brings back such good memories for me. 

It is amazing how a simple song can touch our lives and leave such an impression on us.  How sometimes you can remember what your were doing or a special event by what was on the radio or what music was playing.  What songs bring back memories of your past or childhood or even a special event?


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