Homework, Where’s Dora? and just plain fun!

11 Aug

I always love it when Grace has a half day at school.  I also wonder why she has so many of these half days, but I do not question it.  Why question what is good. It is good when I get to spend more time with Grace.  More one-on-one time where things are not rushed and we can enjoy each other. 

We first started the afternoon with a little snack.  Mental note:  pictures would be so much more fun here….Grace had some sherbet  ice cream covered with Smuckers Magic Shell cupcake topping.  Ah, my favorite as a kid, Magic Shell!  After her snack she played for a short time and at 3:00 we were onto homework.  Tell me if you agree, but who else has a 1st grade child?  Do you think they are given a lot of homework?  I understand there is a big difference from kindergarten to 1st grade, but whoa!  Now, I will say Grace and I enjoy the homework.  Grace many times tells me it is too easy.  To me it just feels like a lot.  I guess we are getting prepared for what’s to come.

While we were working on homework I decided to start dinner.  I will talk more about that later.  Homework is finished and Grace and I have a wicked match of the Dora matching game.  A classic, but always a goodie.  Grace has loved Dora since she was 2, I love it!  Many laughs hard decisions and games later it was 4:30.  Grace and I had an awesome afternoon together and I would not trade it for anything!!!


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