Jewelry For a Lifetime

5 Aug

As a little girl I have many wonderful memories of my mom buying both Avon and Tupperware products.  I remember the Tupperware parties and when her Avon Representative would come over and leave samples and the newest brochures and I would love to look at both. 

My mom would also buy many different products from Avon and I think that is one reason I enjoy their products so much.  I know their quality and value has been around even since I was young.  I have seen it and experienced it time and time again. 

Even back then Avon had beautiful jewelry and my mother would buy several of their pieces.  I am now lucky enough to own and wear those pieces.  Many were bought over 25 years ago and look as great as the day they were bought.  I where these pieces with pride knowing that they were my mother’s.  I many times get more compliments on those pieces than my other jewelry.  The Avon jewelry that is 25 years old may not be worth much in value, but the sentimental value is worth so much more!  How awesome is that? 

Here are some pieces that are on sale for Campaign 17!  You still have until Monday, August 9th to order online. 


Ribbed Texture Hoop Earrings – Large silvertone pierced earrings, 1 1/2″ L. Small goldtone pierced earrings, 1″ L.  Silvertone/Large(619-186)  Goldtone/Small)619-190)  will be $19.00  $14.99 each   Buy Now and Save!


Ribbed Texture Bangle – Bangle bracelet.  One size fits most.  Silvertone(619-205)  Goldtone(619-210)  will be $19.99    Buy Now and Save $14.99 each!


Ribbed Texture Watch – Half bangle, half expansion band.  One size fits most.  Silvertone(619-133) Goldtone(619-152)  will be $29.99 HALF PRICE $14.99 Each!!

Sterling Silver Seashore Pendant Necklace  19″ Chain

Seashell with freshwater pearl, Starfish, Seahorse with mother-of-pearl

Price $29.99  lowest price ever $12.99 each  buy now and save $17.00

sterling sealife

Sterling Silver is the standard for fine silver jewelry the world over.Only Sterling Silver can be stamped with a “fineness mark” of .925 indicating its superior quality. 

This last one I think is really cute.  I would love to get it for my daughter, but the earrings are just to big for her.  We don’t do dangles yet.  I am hoping Avon will have a box set better suited for kids her age around Christmas time.  That is how I got my first pair of earrings.  I wish I still had those. Well, I have one earring.  : ) 


Fun in the Sun Gift Set – Silvertone with simulated accents.  3 pairs earrings, 8 1/2″ anklets and toe rings.  (305-507)  will be $19.99

$9.99 The Set Buy Now & SAVE $10!!


There are a lot more great jewelry deals.  You can view the C-17 brochure on my Homepage.  You can click HERE to Shop My Online Store for these deals plus many more! 




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