Skin So Soft

3 Aug

about Skin So Soft

Ever since it’s launch, Skin So Soft is an iconic bath and body brand.  The brand launched in 1961 with one product – Original Bath Oil, an instant classic. 

Skin So Soft has ever since its launch been dedicated to giving women irresistable soft skin.  Each Skin So Soft product is formulated with exclusive skin softeners and sensual scents to transform skin to its sensual soft best.  Our team of soft skin experts, work with the most advanced skin softening ingredients available. 


signature silk

  • Wrap your skin in the sensual softness of silk.  The newest addition to our legendary line of  Skin So Soft.  Our exclusive formulas instantly transform skin, leaving it softer and smoother.
  • Enriched with our exclusive Silkplex Technology with essence of silk, Signature Silk is the ultimate skin indulgence, capturing the feeling of pure silk on skin.
  • Signature Silk products also feature time released skin conditioning agents that provide optimal hydration through-out the day, delivery moisture when and where your skin needs it most. 
  • Irresistable soft feminine fragrance that touches the senses.  A warm, floral scent with a fresh, fruity notes…as sensual and feminine as a fragrance can be. 

soft & sensual

  • A unique blend of super hydrating Skin So Soft moisturizers provide long-lasting moisturization throughout the day.
  • 24 hour + moisturization.
  • Special emollients soften and hydtrate skin for pedal-soft effect.  Skin is left soft and sensual. 
  • Luscious fragrance topped with notes of white peach, blended with rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang, and completed with vanilla and sensual musk.


  • Special emollients instantly boost skin’s moisture levels and leaves skin feeling ultra soft and smooth.
  • Lotions, gelled body oil and washes contain our exclusive Soft Touch.
  • This collection features America’s #1 Bath Oil.  Adored, raved about, idolized…it’s the bath oil that outsells and out moisturizes the competition.

mineral gems

  • A luxurious bath and body collection  infused with the benefits of minerals.
  • Immediatley increases skin’s moisture by over 200%.
  • New formula captures the essence of precious pearls and old for lustrous , smooth skin that’s irresistably soft.

age defying

  • You can treat the sign of aging on your face, so why not so the same for your body?
  • Renew and Refresh Age-Defying+ products are formulated with patented Age Correcting Complex to re-texturize, even skin tone, diminish age spots and condition skin.
  • Skin’s elasticity and everall skin tone are improved.

hair removal

  • Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to sensually soft skin.
  • Skin So Soft facial and body hair removal collection provides easy solutions for removing unwanted hair.  Products feature our our exclusive Smoothing Complex, with soy with willow bark, for smooth, soft skin.
  • In just 2 1/2 minutes Skin So Soft depilatory creams leave skin silky smooth and hair free.  depilatory creams come in our fabulous Tropical fragrance, a fruity fragrance with orange blossom and peony.
  • Silky Stay Shave Gel has a unique blend of emollients to provide an incredibly close shave.  The blue color helps you see where you have shaved. 
  • Skin So Soft waxes provides salon quality results at a fraction of the price.



Check out the deal for C-17 (680-730)


You get ALL 5 for $12.99! 

  • 2 Original Moisturizing Shower Gels  Provides gentle cleansing and allover moisturization.  Each, 5 fl. oz. $11.00 value
  • 2 Original Replenishing Body Lotions  Clinically proven to double skin’s moisture.  Each, 11.8 fl. oz.  $15.00 value
  • 1 Original Bath Oil Spray  5 fl. oz.  $6.00 value

Want this deal?  You can get it HERE!


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