Go Anywhere Lunch Container

28 Jul

My Avon order came today which makes Tuesday an exciting day for me.  It makes it even more exciting when I have an order of my own waiting in the box.  I mentioned as one of my Top 5 pick for C-17 was the Go Anywhere Lunch Container.  Well, I got my daughter 2, 1 pink one and 1 green one.  I mentioned I didn’t know who was more excited.  Oh Grace, (my daughter) was so excited when she found out she got to take the pink container to school. 

I wish I would have gotten pictures of her lunch today with the pink one.  Grace had an awesome idea.  The container is designed to put a sandwich in one compartment and then fruits or chips in the split compartment.  Grace thought why not put a half sandwich in the split compartment and then use the compartment with a sealed cover for something that might spill.  Excellent idea!  We might try that! 

Here are some pictures with the green one, my favorite color.  I made her lunch for tomorrow.  I made a pb & j sandwich, I had to used hamburger buns because we were out of bread.  I placed 10  carrots and 5 pieces of broccoli on one split compartment and 6 Oreos on the other half.  Now Grace would not eat this much veggies or Oreos, but I wanted to show you how much food could fit in the compartment.  I could have gotten a few more veggies and Oreos, but you get the idea. 

You fold it all up and I put it in her lunch box and still had room for her Capri Sun.  It could also work for older kids and adults to take just as the lunch container without a bag.  Very convenient. 

Now remember these convenient Go Anywhere Lunch Containers are on Special for C-17 for ANY 2 for $7.99 or $4.99 each.  Green (940-897) Pink (940-964) or Blue(940-850)  Click  HERE  to get yours today!  Don’t forget to use your coupon code SUMMERFS for FREE Direct Delivery Shipping on Any order $5 or more!


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